Our Team

All of our team members have comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience in supporting clients in transaction and valuation projects. Our service approach is purely quality driven.

At the beginning of each project, we present to you a team of specialists which will support you in every aspect of an M&A transaction or valuation project. The team will not be subject to changes as every project receives the same level of priority (“what you see is what you get”).


Frank-Berg Dr.-Jochen-Beumer Christian-Büker Dr.-Christian-Erasmus
Frank Berg Dr. Jochen Beumer Christian Büker Dr. Christian Erasmus
Andreas Ewers 200701 MF Portrait 156x147 RGB Klaus-Juergens
Andreas Ewers Michael Ferdinand Simon Genfeld Klaus Jürgens
Lars Kämmerling Dominik Lehmann Jawid Nasery Kim Niedernolte
Roberto-Schneider Sönke-Schwartz Axel-Schwarzrock
Julia Schall Roberto Schneider Sönke Schwartz Axel Schwarzrock
Frank-Sichau Yvonne-Studier
Frank Sichau Yvonne Studier