A professionally executed valuation is a key requirement for determining the appropriate purchase price. When calculating and deriving the purchase price we apply common and state-of-the-art valuation methods.

Various circumstances can trigger a valuation:

  • Acquisition and sale of companies and business divisions
  • Re-organisation, merger and transfer of companies, conclusion of company contracts, squeeze outs (according to IDW S1)
  • Tax driven valuations (determination of the fair market value, reallocation of functions in accordance with Foreign Transaction Tax Act)
  • Entry and exit of shareholders
  • Inheritance and family law disputes
  • Purchase price allocations
  • Impairment testing in accordance with IAS 36
  • Business model reviews for financing banks
  • Fairness opinions

Comprehensive industry knowledge, the ability to identify key value drivers and a sound technical implementation of a valuation method into a customised valuation model are essential for a proper company valuation. In line with our clients’ needs and requirements, we summarise the results of our work in a detailed expert opinion or in a meaningful presentation.

Depending on the background of a valuation we act as a consultant for our client, as a third-party expert or as an arbitrator.