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Special Situation Services

Refinancing services

  • Perform due diligence with particular focus on historical ability to generate cash flows and on robustness and sensitivities of future cash flows
  • Identify timing and extent of future financing requirements
  • Identify assets available to collateralise debt

Business Modelling

  • Prepare integrated business planning models consisting of income statement, balance sheet and cash flow projections

Independent Business Review

Where businesses are underperforming, in distress or in crisis, either equity or debt providers often ask for an Independent Business Review (or IBR) to be carried out.

The benefit from an experienced third party reviewing the operations is to obtain an independent and objective assessment of the current performance and potential rectifying options.

Also, management at group level might request such review from a strategic point of view to better assess reasons for an actual crisis of a subsidiary and to identify measures in response.

Support acquiring and divesting distressed operations